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  1. Maybe the laser beam they used had a light intensity on the order of the flash from Hiroshima or something. But the heat of one Hiroshima is easily enough to vaporize any substance known to man, near ground zero. But even that doesn't say much, without knowing how long the .
  2. Jul 11,  · Brilliant Light Power, Inc. Announces the Validation of the Generation of over a Million of Watts of Power in the Volume of a Coffee Cup from the Conversion of .
  3. About 40 years ago, Maurice Ward, a hairdresser and amateur chemist, developed a plastic that was said to be resistant to extreme rock.truesmasherdilkreeredshade.infoinfo to withstand a laser beam that could produce a temperature of 10, Celsius. He called it Starlite.. The material became widely popular in when it was shown on Tomorrow's rock.truesmasherdilkreeredshade.infoinfo it was applied to an egg that was blowtorched for five minutes.
  4. Now, while the article does not make it clear if the mysterious beam of light preceeded or followed the explosion at the electrical plant, logica would seem to imply that it preceeded, for in the second video showing the beam of light, the electrial power is still clearly on, whereas in the first video, the power is clearly off and there's been.
  5. They were led to believe the moon landing was faked in order to socially engineer the public into living a sustainable lifestyle. With the Blight having devastated Earth so much that the population is believed to be around million, and food a scarce commodity still, the world governments decided that the consumerist, capitalistic belief systems were not good for society.
  6. The beams resemble so-called sun pillars, which appear as columns of light extending from the sun due to light reflecting off ice crystals in the upper atmosphere, according to NASA.
  7. Jul 19,  · Brilliant Future, a song by Borrowed Beams of Light on Spotify. Featured on Stellar Hoax. More by Borrowed Beams of Light. On the Wings of a Bug. Rush Around the Sun. Hot Springs EP. Borrowed Beams of Light. More Borrowed Beams of Light. Listen to Borrowed Beams of Light now. Listen to Borrowed Beams of Light in full in the Spotify app Music Duration: 3 min.

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