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  1. Nov 16,  · A lot of spores could cause respiratory tract irritation, but nothing too dangerous. Once I accidentally sniffed in a fucking cloud of green mold spores. I even could see the spores like a green smoke rising from that jar. I had an unpleasant feeling in my throat and that's it. Nothing more.
  2. ANSWER: Correct Correct! The mosquito is a vector for the protozoan. See Section Chapter 20 Post­Lecture Quiz Question 24 Part A June inhales mold spores but she does not get sick. How did her body likely trap, kill, and remove the spores?
  3. Jul 04,  · Why would mold grow on urine? I'm concerned about a friend of mine. There is mold in his toilet from his urine. You can tell it is formed from his urine because of the way it is formed (from it splashing up-silly boys). Does anyone know what would cause this? He is diabetic. But I want to make sure there isn't something more serious that he.
  4. Apr 14,  · Actually, urine is safe to drink straight from the body! It is not poisonous. Doesn't taste good, but life saving in a pinch. Its salt and other solute content is high, and after several passthroughs in the body will have a very low actual water c.
  5. If we define age as the duration of time during which a cell, tissue, or organism has existed as a distinct entity, defining the age of mold could be a problem. This is because the network of fungal filaments (the mycelia) or spores from which the visible mold develops could be several years old.
  6. Review: Vulgar Nazi war Eurosleaze from the evil Ivan Kathansky (director of SS Hell Camp) has something for everyone: giant gasoline explosions, fierce machine gun fights, vicious beatings, screaming nude women draped over sawhorses and scrubbed with soapy mops, a whip-wielding lesbian doctor who likes to be on the receiving end in her spare time, dead Jew floggings, hairy full frontal nudity.
  7. Mold infestation in the home environment is a common problem throughout the world. Here are some common house mold pictures of mold. Refrigerator Mold. Clean under your refrigerator regularly to prevent excess mold spores in your kitchen areas. Mold Sample. Here is an example of various mold species in petri dish following a multi-day culture.

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